Water Resources Management in Botswana under the Increasing Effects of Climate Change

U.T. Umoh (Botswana)


Climate Change, Water Resource Management


The response of Botswana environment to climate change includes temperature rise of about 1.50 C , increasing incidents of drought and aridity; the decline in grassland/expansion of desert areas and variation/decline in runoff. Compounding the vagaries of climate is the high degree of dependence by society on climate system, especially in key sectors of water resources and agriculture . Water resources is linked with climate thus variability in climate has serious implications for sustainable water resources management. Water is one of the major keys of the development of Botswana. It is a basic need for human beings as well as for economic development. This very precious resource is scarce and determines to a large extent the density and spatial distribution of the population. This paper examines water resources management in Botswana under the increasing effects of climate change. It overviews Botswana’s water resources , climatic variability and change, water demand and supply. It then links the water resources of the country to recent climatic changes and variations and examines the management strategies adopted to control the situation. Finally, some suggestions are proffered for effective water resource management.

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