K-RTP: A Reliable Transport Layer Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

V. Pathari, M. Jose, G.R. Ragul, and P.M. Irshad (India)


Wireless Sensor Networks, Reliable Transport Protocol, k RTP, k Reliable Transport Protocol


Two of the existing reliable transport layer protocols for wireless sensor networks Distributed TCP Caching and Event to Sink Reliable Transport protocol, does not score well in terms of efficiency. Our protocol, k-RTP (k Reliable Transport Protocol) considers the logical relation between the number of retransmissions and the rate of packet loss. The number of retransmissions increases with the rate of packet loss. In this protocol only the kth nodes cache the packets and retransmit them in case of packet loss. The value of k is varied dynamically depending on the rate of packet loss in the network. In case of congestion occurring in the network at a particular node, the error rate increases which in turn results in a different value for k. Thus a new caching node is selected and this helps in reducing packet loss. Both the mathematical and initial simulation results are promising.

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