Evaluation of Anti-spam Method Combining Bayesian Filtering and Strong Challenge and Response

M. Iwanaga, T. Tabata, and K. Sakurai (Japan)


: Network Security, spam, Bayesianfiltering, Challenge-response


Recently, various schemes against spam are proposed because of rapid increasing of spam. Some schemes are based on sender whitelisting with auto registra tion, a principle that a recipient reads only messages from senders who are registered by the recipient, and a sender have to perform some procedure to be reg istered (challenge-response.) In these schemes, some exceptions are required to show error mail to a sender of an original message. However, spammers can abuse this exception to send spam to users. We have pro posed improved scheme in [1], combining challenge response and Bayesian filtering. In this paper, we make tests on our scheme and a scheme using only Bayesian filtering to show efficiency of our scheme.

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