Public WLAN with UMTS IP Multimedia Subsystem

S. Kim, H. Lee, and W. Ryu (Korea)


Wireless Security, Network Security, WLAN, 3GPP


Recently, it comes into the spotlight that the interworking issues between the 3rd Generation wireless network and Wireless LAN with wireless Internet and the activation of WLAN services. Even though 3rd Generation wireless network has the broad service areas, it provides the low bandwidth and is too expensive. On the other hand, WLAN can service the high bandwidth and inexpensive but it covers the small area. In this paper, we applied to provide the public wireless LAN services and access security mechanisms based on the UMTS IP Multimedia Subsystem, which is currently being standardized by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)'s UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System). We have the overview on scenarios and network architecture of the 3GPP system to the WLAN interworking, and we describe the our service architecture, network entities, WLAN APs based 802.1x, and service procedures for the interworking between 3rd Generation IP Multimedia Subsystem and the Public WLAN.

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