Impact of Electrical Equalization and Modulation Depth on Single Sideband Performance with Linear and Non-linear Transmission

D. Fonseca, P. Monteiro, A. Cartaxo, and J. Pedro (Portugal)


optical systems and components, optical single sideband, self-phase modulation, group velocity dispersion, electrical equalization


A study of the impact of electrical equalization and modulation depth on single sideband transmission is presented. Both linear and non-linear fiber transmissions are considered. Simple rules to optimize the modulation depth and electrical equalization, maximizing the transmission performance, are obtained for linear transmission. An optimum power at the fiber input depending on the modulation depth is obtained for a large number of sections in a multi-section system with inline amplifiers. The efficiency of electrical equalization is assessed, when non-linear transmission is considered. A comparison with duobinary modulation is presented, in order to gain insight on the advantages and disadvantages of single sideband modulation.

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