Dependence of Reduced Model of SPM-Limited Dispersion-Managed Systems on Transmission Fiber Parameters

D. Fonseca, A. Cartaxo, and R. Luis (Portugal)


optical systems and components, self-phase modulation, group velocity dispersion, dispersion managed system, mask opening penalty.


A study of the signal distortion due to the interplay between the group velocity dispersion and self-phase modulation in dispersion managed systems is presented. A limit is defined for a mask opening penalty and a figure of merit relating the maximum input power per section and the total number of sections is obtained. The dependence of the figure of merit on the fiber parameters and the signal bit-rate is analyzed. Expressions for the fiber length above which the maximum power introduced in each section cannot be increased without exceeding the limit penalty and the bit-rate above which the system starts operating in the pseudo-linear regime are presented. General expressions for the figure of merit and optimum accumulated dispersion are presented, valid up to 20 Gb/s.

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