Performance Assessment of Transparent Optical Networks with Incoherent Homodyne Crosstalk and Amplified Spontaneous Emission Noise

M.R.G. Leiria and A.V.T. Cartaxo (Portugal)


Optical system and components; Incoherent homodyne crosstalk; Transparent optical network; Amplified sponta neous emission noise; Q-factor; Inter-symbol interference.


We propose a simple method to assess the performance of transparent optical networks (TON) that takes into ac count the incoherent homodyne crosstalk, inter-symbol interference (ISI), amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) noise and arbitrary optical and electrical filters. This method combines the effect of the incoherent homodyne crosstalk with an exhaustive Gaussian approximation for influence of ASE noise and ISI. It is shown that the inco herent homodyne crosstalk penalty depends on the ASE noise accumulated in the TON, signal ISI and extinction ratio.

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