A New Heuristic Single-hop Wavelength Assignment Algorithm in WDM Mesh Network

S.C. Tan and Y.P. Singh (Malaysia)


Optical Networks, routing and wavelength assignment (RWA), integer linear programming(ILP), wavelength division multiplexing (WDM).


Several integer and mixed-integer linear programming formulations have been proposed for solving routing and wavelength assignment problem in optical networks. However, these formulations are computationally demanding and they can only be solved for small size networks. In this paper, we present a new heuristic single hop wavelength assignment algorithm in WDM mesh network with network constraints. The proposed algorithm allows to solve assignment problem in optical network with less computational effort compared with Integer Linear Programming (ILP) approaches with large size of network. The simulation results are provided to compare results of proposed heuristics with ILP solutions on two examples of mesh network. The results indicate that our proposed heuristic algorithm gives performance close to the optimal solution obtained using ILP when network size is small and the heuristic algorithm is effective compared with ILP which required heavy computation when network size increased. The claim made in the paper for the proposed new heuristic is supported by experimental results.

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