Survivability in WDM Networks under Multiple Link Failures

V. Tamarapalli and S.H. Srinivasan (India)


WDM Networks, Survivability, Failure detection


Optical network fault detection and survivability have tra ditionally focussed on single link failures. Single link fail ures are the most likely events due to fiber cuts, compo nent ageing, local disruptions, etc. However, natural dis asters and terrorist strikes can result in simultaneous mul tiple failures. In this paper, we call these events "major outages" and study survivability issues for major network outages. We specially address multiple failures that lead to disconnected network partitions. We relate major outages to ( e, k) partitions and use the recently formulated notion of detection sets for detecting major outages. The main contribution of this paper is the development of the notion of "backup architecture" which ensures survivability in the event of major outages.

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