Wavelength Scheduling Algorithms in Buffer-less Optical Burst Switching Networks

A. Kaheel and H. Alnuweiri (Canada)


Optical burst switching, OBS, scheduling, MIN-AV, Max NGV.


One of the major factors that affect the blocking proba bility at buffer-less optical burst switching (OBS) node is the deployed wavelength scheduling algorithm. In this pa per we survey all previously proposed wavelength schedul ing algorithms. In addition, we present two new wave length scheduling algorithms: Max-NGV and Min-AV. The Max-NGV algorithm selects the wavelength channel on which the newly generated void, after the burst transmis sion, is maximum. On the other hand, the Min-AV algo rithm chooses the wavelength channel with the minimum available void. We compare the performance of the newly proposed algorithms to existing ones through simulation experiments. Simulation results suggest that our proposed Min-AV algorithm performs better than all previously pro posed wavelength scheduling algorithms in terms of the blocking probability.

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