Performances of Parallel Interference Cancellation (PIC) Receivers in High-Speed Access Optical-CDMA Networks

C. Goursaud, M.N. Saad, Y. Zouine, A. Vergonjanne, C. Aupetit-Berthelemot, J.P. Cances, an


Optical Code Division Multiple Access (O-CDMA), Optical Orthogonal Codes (OOC), Multi-user interference, Parallel Interference Cancellation (PIC)


This paper provides a new approach for computing the theoretical performances of the Parallel Interference Cancellation (PIC) technique in Direct Sequence-Code Division Multiple Access (DS-CDMA) system, for Optical Orthogonal Codes (OOCs) with small cross-correlation constraints. OOCs impose a large code length value in order to maintain a large number of users. These results induce a limitation on the maximum data bit rate for a realistic implementation of such receiver in high-speed local optical networks. We have considered OOCs with a greater cross correlation constraint in order to relax the code size. The performance of PIC receiver and various scheme (cascaded cancellation stages with and without hard-limiter) have been numerically obtained.

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