Optimizing Bandwidth Utilization through Grant Awareness in EPON

S. Gopalan and V. Sridhar (India)


Optical Fiber Communication, EPON, Bandwidth Utilization, Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation, Grant Awareness.


MRBGR based DBA aids in efficiently allocating the available bandwidth among competing ONTs. The main functionality of MRBGR approach is the dynamic upstream bandwidth reservation and allocation for connected ONTs based on various time resolutions. Dynamic bandwidth reservation for each ONT is made based on the load pattern exhibited by each of the ONTs in the immediate past. In this paper, we propose an Optimal Granted Slot Utilization (OGSU) algorithm that exploits the aforementioned "grant awareness" at each ONT and further allocates the packets optimally in a granted slot based on a combination of heuristics- and optimization-based techniques.

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