Generation of High Repetition Rate OTDM Signals using Pulse-Amplitude Equalization in a Rational Harmonic Mode-Locked Semiconductor Fiber Ring Laser

Y.J. Kim, H.-J. Jo, C.-S. Park, and C.G. Lee (Korea)


OTDM, optical pulse train, rational harmonic mode-locking, pulse-amplitude equalization


We present and demonstrate a simple method of high repetition rate OTDM signal generation by pulse-amplitude equalization in a rational harmonic mode-locked semiconductor ring laser, using a dual-drive Mach-Zehnder (MZ) modulator. Pulse-amplitude equalization was achieved by adjusting the voltages applied to both arms of the modulator, such that each mode-locked pulse experiences the same transmission coefficient in the transmission curve of the modulator. With this method, amplitude-equalized OTDM pulse trains with repetition rates of ~ 9.94 GHz, ~ 12.34GHz, and ~ 23.56 GHz were successfully obtained without adding any function to the ring laser itself.

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