PN-based Security Design for Data Storage

L. Wang and B. Hirsbrunner (Switzerland)


Security, confidentiality, database, storage area network,PN sequence


For improving the security and privacy of data storage, a novel model based on code division multiple access, called PNCD-DS, is proposed for dealing with the problem of resources sharing in a storage area network (SAN). This technology differs from existing such as space or time division multiple access, it has some essential features for ensuring the security and privacy of user's information and/or data. Through decreasing the information intensity by multi times during user's data storage and then recovering it normal when scan, the method makes the interference from other users or damages to the data weaken enormously. Therefore, damage to some extent in some local area of SAN will not destroy the integrity of saved data. On the other hand, because a SAN here can be regarded exclusive for each user with its own special code, the data management could be simplified. Due to coded when data storage and/or backup and decoded when scan, the probability of user's data leakage is also very low even if the disk is physically handed by some other users.

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