SSUI: Semantic Search User Interface for Intelligent Information System

J. Zhou, M. Liu (Canada), and Y. Liang (PRC)


Semantic query; Linguistic rule; Semanticsearch user interface; Object-relational database;


Finding the exact information is the main purpose of semantic search system. The semantic query is composed of components. Component has data value and category name which decides the meaning of component. If users don't input the category names but just input the data values, the search engine will be confused about the semantic query, since the search is based on conditions on categories. How to narrow the semantic queries is always a challenge to all search engine systems. In this paper, we propose a semantic search user interface to automatically generate the omitted categories and refine the semantic queries. This approach is developed based on linguistic rules and object-relational databases properties. It also provides a way to transform normal English sentences into SQL statements.

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