XML Update Processing for Incremental Refresh of XML Cache

S. Han, D.H. Hwang, and H. Kang (Korea)


XML Update, DOM, PDOM, XML Cache, IncrementalCache Refresh, Database-backed Web Application


Since emergence of XML as the standard for data exchange on the web, research on efficient management of XML data has been actively conducted. Considerable efforts have been made for standardization of XML query languages, producing XQuery as a prominent candidate. For an XML query language to be a full-fledged one, it should provide update operations as well. However, standardization of XML update languages and research on the schemes for XML update processing are in infancy yet. In this paper, we investigate the schemes for XML update processing, particularly for incremental refresh of XML cache, which is for efficient support of XML database backed web applications such as e-Commerce. We propose three models of XML update processing, Model TD (Text/DOM-based), Model-PD (Persistent DOM based), and Model-IT (Indexed Text-based), in the context of incremental refresh of cached XML documents. The XML cache management system featuring XML updates for cache refresh as well as cache retrieval was implemented for each model, and performance of such operations along with storage requirement were evaluated.

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