Evaluation of a Document Database Description by Different XML Schemas

M. Kenab, T. Ould Braham, and P. Bazex (France)


Entity-Association, Relational Concepts,XML Schema, XML Document, Element Nesting.


Different XML schemas can represent a database of documents; it depends on the contents of the documents. From a simple conceptual schema of a database containing structured data that we represent in a form of a document, we propose and evaluate different XML schemas which can describe this database in order to deduce the best one. For the construction of these XML schemas, we propose different descriptions of the main concepts of the relational model (relation, key, and reference link). We also propose the description of different cases of nesting between the elements of the document (total nesting, partial nesting and without nesting). We conclude that the best-adapted XML schema depends on the use that we wish to make with this database and it is a combination of the representation of the concepts that we have evaluated. This work is a preliminary to the integration of a relational database thanks to the best XML schema.

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