Community Formation Scenarios in Peer-to-Peer Web Service Environments

O. Kaykova, O. Kononenko, V. Terziyan, and A. Zharko (Finland)


Intelligent Web Services, Peer-to-Peer network formation, Ontology, cluster, network community, Semantic Web.


Companies need integrated information systems to react to requirements of their customers, collaborate with partners, identify and exploit new opportunities quickly and effectively. A need for solid technology that will provide effective Knowledge Management within and across industrial enterprises is crucial. The main attention of this paper is concentrated on formation processes of global peer-to-peer networks of Web-based resources in the context of OntoServ.Net - an automated industrial environment for assets management being developed by Industrial Ontologies Group [9,10]. To increase the efficiency of service (resource) discovery and to facilitate service integration in a decentralized environment, we present scenarios of peer-to-peer network formation and OntoShell mechanism that joins specification of the formation processes with the technology for adaptation of heterogeneous services.

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