Walid Emar, Khader Mohammad, and Mahdi Washha


Threephase step up converter, magnetically uncoupled smoothinginductors, currentmode control


Alternative energy source systems such as solar-cells or photovoltaic systems become more and more popular. This paper deals with the utilization of three-phase step up converter with magnetically uncoupled smoothing inductors for control of voltage and power transfer in alternative energy sources, or between dc to dc, dc to ac and ac to dc systems using peak current control mode technique. The converter is studied, simulated and investigated not only in Matlab but also in the environment of Simplorer to guarantee that the simulation results are accurate and that the voltage produced at the output of alternative energy sources is stepped up and hence their usual low efficiency is greatly enhanced. The paper shows that multichannel converter with uncoupled smoothing inductors has inherent advantages as compared to the fundamental converter such as increasing the output power and filtering out the high harmonic content from the output. Moreover, the paper deals with using compensated proportional integral controller (PI) controllers based on the pulse width modulation constant frequency modulation technique along with current-mode control method. The simulation results show that current-mode control technique with such compensated PI controllers provides good current and voltage regulation of such converter that could operate efficiently even under nonlinear conditions.

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