Robotic Path Planning for an Automatic Mold Polishing System

M.J. Tsai, J.-J. Fang, and J.-L. Chang


Automatic mold polishing, geometric data structure, path planning


This study focuses on path planning of an automatic mold-polishing system. A geometric data structure of the mold was created in the software system according to the IGES format. The 3D model of the mold was reconstructed by the system. The robotic polishing path was planned based on the geometric characteristics of the mold surface and the task requirements. Weaving function embedded in the scanning-line path was created on the planar surface, fractal path was used on the surfaces of revolution, and scanning-line path was used on the free-form surfaces. The mold geometry and the polishing paths were drawn in 3D for veriļ¬cation. Finally, a dedicated five-axes robot executed the polishing path. Experiments showed the path did evenly cover the mold surface and the robotic polishing task satisfied our expectations.

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