Radio Frequency Identification Systems in Supply Chain Management

K.M. Penttilä, D.W. Engels, and M.A. Kivikoski


Automated object identification, RFID, RF transponder, reader collision, supply chain management, tag costs


Supply chain management and automated identification systems are nowadays visible within virtually all industries. They are used extensively to automate many of the tasks involved in normal business processes and to enable the optimization of the flow of goods through the supply chain. In order to get a better understanding and evaluation of the impact of radio frequency identification (RFID) systems in supply chains and their management systems, the authors classify the most important supply chain inventory identification and accuracy requirements. In addition, they identify and analyze the characteristics of RFID technologies that affect their ability to automatically capture the required information. They also discuss emerging standards related to the unique identification of objects. The analysis is based on several literature reviews at the technology area.

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