Control Loop for Finding Initital Translator Position of Linear Synchronous Motor

S. Refaat and S. Nahavandi


Permanent magnet synchronous motors, motor control, linear motors, commutation parameter, torque angle, feedback control


This article presents a simple and reliable method for controlling the relative orientation between the two magnetic fields of a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Finding the initial (at motor powering- up time) value of this relative location is essential for the proper operation of the motor. After showing the system controllability, the utilized feedback control loop finds this initial relative orientation quickly and accurately. Further, using the proposed method allows considerable cost saving, as a transducer that is usually used for this purpose can be eliminated. The cost saving is most obvious in the case of linear motors and angle motors with large diameters. The way the problem is posed is an essential part of this work, and it is the reason behind the apparent simplicity of the solution. The method proposed relies on a single sensor, and it was tested when a relative encoder was used.

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