Development of a Hydraulic Parallel-Link-Type Force Display (Investigation of Basic Function of the Force Display)

H. Yamada, S. Kudomi, and T. Muto


Manipulator, master-slave system, force display, parallel mechanism, bilateral control, telerobotics


The authors consider a bilateral master-slave system for telerobotics composed of electro-hydraulic servo-systems. In a teleoperated master-slave system, the master has to play two roles: as a reference input device to the slave and as a force display device. In order to produce a force display composed of hydraulic servo-systems, one must solve a problem called back-drivability, in which an actuator in a hydraulic servo-system cannot be operated freely by manual means. As a practical solution to this problem, the authors propose a method for driving an actuator that uses a force sensor attached to the actuator. As a consequence of this approach, they develop a hydraulic parallel-link-type force display with 6-DOF. The function of the force display is investigated experimentally and its applicability is confirmed.

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