Ruijie Zhang, Jun Wu, Chongdeng Wu, and Qi Li


Loading device, parallel mechanism, optimization design, genetic algorithm, dynamic coupling


A loading device that exerts the cutting force on the machine tool in place of actual cutting process is very useful for the reliability study of machine tools. This paper proposes a six-axis loading device with a big workspace by using the three-PUPU parallel mechanism and a two-step optimum design method for the optimization design of the loading device. At the first step, the geometrical parameters are determined by combining the pareto optimal solution and atlas methods. At the second step, a dynamic coupling index is proposed by taking both the acceleration and velocity effect into account and the inertial parameters are determined. Based on the optimization design result, the dynamic coupling performance of the six-axis loading device is checked. The novel optimization method can promote the worst performance index compared with the pareto optimal solution method and the atlas method only. Compared with the six-leg parallel mechanisms of the same size, the three-PUPU parallel mechanism with three legs has a bigger workspace and the loading device with the three-PUPU parallel mechanism is more suitable for the development of a loading device. The optimization result is verified by automatic dynamic analysis of mechanical systems (ADAMS). This work is very useful for the development of the six-axis loading device for machine tools. However, there are still limitations that could be studied further of this proposed optimization method, such as the reasonable choice of quantiles of different index. ∗ State Key Laboratory of Tribology and Institute of Man- ufacturing Engineering, Department of Mechanical En- gineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China; e-mail:,, ∗∗ Beijing Key Lab of Precision/Ultra-precision Manufacturing Equipment and Control, Beijing 100084, China ∗∗∗ Tianjin Key Laboratory of Aerospace Intelligent Equip- ment Technology, Tianjin Institute of Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, Tianjin 300301, China; e-mail: Corresponding author: Jun Wu Recommended by Dr. Hicham Chaoui

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