Li Wang∗,∗∗


Wearable technology, Embedded technology, Automatic trackingalgorithm, Wireless communication


Wearable technology is the trend and direction of the current infor- mation technology revolution. Through certain artificial intelligence technology to automatically track the target carrying wearable de- vices, it can effectively collect, organize and analyze, and collect real- time data of target activities. In this paper, a weighted localization algorithm based on simulated annealing is proposed, aiming at the large error of DV-Hop algorithm in estimating average distance per hop and the sensitivity of DV-Hop algorithm to ranging error when using least square method. The improved algorithm reduces the fre- quency hopping error by introducing the correction value of the av- erage distance error. The simulation algorithm is used to replace the least square method to calculate the coordinates of unknown nodes in traditional DV-Hop(Distance Vector-Hop) positioning. Simu- lation results show that the algorithm can effectively reduce the positioning error of DV-Hop. In this regard, this paper proposes a positioning algorithm based on the optimization of the average jump distance.The improved algorithm uses multi-communication radius method to communicate and broadcast between nodes, which refines the hops between nodes. Finally, simulated annealing algorithm is used to locate nodes.

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