Sudhir Raj


Inverted pendulums connected with spring, integral sliding modecontrol, H∞ control


The centralized control for interconnected system becomes imprac- tical due to a large amount of information exchange between the subsystems. The decentralized control is a challenging task for the control of large-scale nonlinear systems. The overall nonlin- ear system can be decentrally stabilized irrespective of the size of the interconnections. The interactions between the subsystems are considered as perturbations and matching assumptions become restrictive. The sliding surface is taken such that the effect of the unmatched perturbations becomes minimum. The integral sliding mode nullifies the matched interconnections starting from the initial phase. The coupled double pendulum is used to verify the effective- ness of the adaptive H∞-based integral sliding mode control. The algebraic Riccati equation is applied to H∞ state feedback design to consider other constraints on the other singular values. The gains of H∞-based state feedback control are found using the Riccati equa- tion. The sliding mode control with adaptive tuning is proposed for the stabilization of the interconnected systems. Simulation results show the effectiveness of H∞-based adaptive integral sliding mode control by considering various uncertainties.

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