Daode Zhang, Chuanyou Sun, Xinyu Hu, and Jie Zhang


Synchronization accuracy, variable domain fuzzy PID, parallel syn-chronization control, cross-coupling synchronization control


Aiming at the problem of motion non-synchronization caused by external disturbance of the two-axis synchronous servo system of a tracked vehicle, on the basis of analysing the source of two-axis syn- chronization error, the cross-coupling synchronous control method of dual DC motor based on variable universe fuzzy proportional– integral–derivative (PID) is used. The method improves the syn- chronization control accuracy in two aspects: single axis and two axes. For the single-axis speed control method, fuzzy PID can adjust the parameters in real time with the change of external conditions compared with the traditional PID, which improves the adaptability of the system. However, when the input error and the error change rate are small, the output of the controller is not sensitive enough to the input response. Therefore, a variable domain fuzzy PID algorithm is used, which can achieve the purpose of finely adjusting the error under the condition of small input error. For the two- axis synchronous control strategy, after analysing the shortcomings of the parallel control that cannot reflect the two-axis force, the coupling coefficient between the two axes is introduced, and the synchronization error is significantly reduced by the cross-coupling synchronous control strategy. The simulation results show that the variable-domain fuzzy PID has shorter startup time than traditional PID and fuzzy PID for single-axis speed regulation performance, strong anti-interference ability and short recovery time. For the two- axis synchronization performance, the introduction of the inter-axis coupling coefficient can significantly improve the synchronization performance of the two axes. In conclusion, the cross-coupling synchronous control strategy based on the variable domain fuzzy PID can significantly improve the synchronization performance of the tracked vehicle. ∗ School of Mechanical Engineering, Hubei University of Technol- ogy, Wuhan, China; e-mail:, 2196365686@qq. com,, Corresponding author: Xinyu Hu Recommended by Dr. Dong W. Kim

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