Zhi-Feng Yao, Xiu-Fen Ye, and Xue-Feng Dai


Multi-robot, exploration, coordination algorithm, bidding, walkrules, emotion


Exploration is a fundamental research problem in robotics, and multi-robot exploration has been widely studied in this field. However, unexplored islands exist in most of the bidding-based coordination algorithms during the exploration process, which directly affects the exploration time. Meanwhile, some unnecessary overlap-ping also affects the exploration time. To overcome these problems,we propose a multi-robot coordinated strategy that includes bidding and rules for the unknown environment exploration. The proposed algorithm has a hierarchical architecture. The upper level is the emotion generation system, which can generate emotional states through the perception of input stimuli from the environment. In the lower level, the robots perform bidding activities and walk rules according to the emotional states. The simulation results of 640 voyages demonstrate that the unexplored-island problem is resolved, and our algorithm has a lower overlap rate than the bidding-based coordination algorithm. Thus, the exploration time is efficiently reduced. Moreover, our algorithm has a good ability of detecting static and dynamic obstacles.

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