Shuang Zhao, Qing Wang, and Chunping Hou


SDN, SCell, mobility management, signalling, traffic forwarding


With increasing mobile users’ proportion and the research interests on software-defined network (SDN), intelligent mobile terminals supporting SDN can meet the requirements in future wireless network. This paper presents user equipment (UE)-assisted mobility management mechanism over SDN, the mobile terminals reported their location information voluntarily, and the handover signalling progress between Small Cells (SCell) was designed based on the location information. For ultra dense networks (UDNs), a continuous communication session can be achieved by using a double-labelling scheme and a dynamic local forwarding chain, where the data packets of a continuous session can be transmitted in a certain condition, without switching the whole traffic path, and by combining with the global control of the SDN controller, data forwarding (the way of data arriving is from the source SCell to the target SCell) instead of data transmission (means that data is transmitted to the target SCell directly) was conducted. To set a reasonable threshold for various need, the scheme can achieve the trade- off between extra data delivery overhead and signalling overhead. A hexagonal discrete-time Markov chain model was adopted for performance analysis, theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the proposed mechanism can significantly reduce the signalling costs.

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