Seyyed M.M. Sabet, Jorge Marques, Rui Torres, Mario Nova, Ferrie van Hattum, and Miguel Nobrega


Rollover car-washing machines, structural design, numerical analysis


This work describes the development of a new rollover carwash structure designed to accomplish a number of objectives: (a) minimizing manufacturing complexity; (b) improving transportation and installation strategies; and (c) reducing weight and size. As the newly developed structure is significantly lower in weight, it was necessary to ensure its adequate performance. Therefore, a numerical modelling study was done to evaluate the mechanical behaviour of the new structure and to ensure it performs well both under normal operating conditions and when subjected to common hazards. The results obtained allowed concluding that the new designed structure is capable of withstanding the loads applied under normal conditions, in lifting operations, and that excessive vibrations are not expected. In case of column obstruction, which is considered as a hazard, the maximum stress may reach values close to the yield stress of the material; however, the proposed redesign reduces the stress levels back to the elastic region. These conclusions gave useful indications to review structure design to minimize the risks related to the identified problems.

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