Y. Shen, W. Shen, and J. Gu


Tele-surgery, sliding-mode control, stochastic system, linear matrixinequality, time delay


This paper presents a sliding-mode control (SMC) design for the tele-robotic neurosurgical system. The proposed tele-robotic neurosurgical system with force, video, and voice feedback is introduced first, which can be tele-operated over the Internet. However, delay on the Internet may cause the proposed system unstable. It is a critical issue to deal with time delay in the proposed system. Based on an uncertain delayed stochastic model of the proposed system, the SMC is employed. In this paper, both constant and varying time delay are considered. The sliding surface was designed to maximize the calculable set of admissible delays. By defining Lyapunov–Krasovskii functions, the conditions for the existence of the sliding regime were studied. In addition, linear matrix inequalities were employed for the optimization procedure. Finally, results of simulation proved feasibility and efficiency of the proposed method.

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