M.T. Cox and B. Kerkez


Case-base reasoning, plan recognition, nearest neighbour algorithms, abstract similarity


Our research investigates a case-based approach to plan recognition using incomplete incrementally learned plan libraries. To learn plan libraries, one must be able to process novel input. Retrieval based on similarities among concrete planning situations rather than among planning actions enables recognition despite the occurrence of newly observed planning actions and states. In addition, we explore the benefits of predictions using a measure that we call abstract similarity. Abstract similarity is used when a concrete state maps to no known abstract state. Instead a search is performed for nearby abstract states based on a nearest neighbour technique. Such a retrieval scheme enables accurate prediction in light of extremely novel observed situations. The properties of retrieval in abstract state-spaces are investigated in three standard planning domains. We first determine optimal radii to use that determines a spherical sub-hyperspace that limits the search. Experimental results then show that significant improvements in the recognition process are obtained using abstract similarity.

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