Dynamic Analysis of a Rigid-Flexible Manipulator Constrained by Arbitrary Shaped Surfaces

A.A. Ata and H. Johar


Constrained motion, rigid-flexible manipulator, analytical solution,inverse dynamics, optimum profile


This study considers dynamic system performance of a constrained rigid-flexible manipulator. A dynamic model with zero tip deforma- tion constraint is derived using extended Hamilton’s principle. An analytical approach for the vibration of the flexible link is presented using the assumed modes method. This approach takes into consideration the nonhomogeneous boundary conditions as well as the nonlinear terms of the equations of motion. The effect of changing both the joint motion profile and the shape of the compliant surface on the force exerted at the end-effector and the required rigid and flexible torques is investigated. Optimum system performance based on the minimum energy consumption criterion is suggested for the joint motion profiles and the contact surfaces considered in this study.

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