Network Topology Analysis and Internet Modelling with Nem

D. Magoni


Analysis, modelling, network topology, software


The design of network protocols is greatly accelerated by the use of simulators, particularly when studying a protocol’s behaviour in a large internetwork topology. However, the accuracy of the simulation results is heavily affected by the input network topology. As taking a real map as an input is not always feasible, artificially created topologies are often used. There exist many network topology generators available, but recent discoveries on Internet topology have made most of them obsolete when it comes to modelling a typical part of the Internet. This paper presents a free open-source software designed for network topology analysis and modelling called network manipulator (Nem). It is capable of creating realistic Internet-like topologies and can check proof them on the fly by a thorough topology analysis. The paper especially focuses on the architecture and the capabilities of the software.

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