Modelling of Power Components in Non-sinusoidal Power Systems Using Hilbert Transform

K.N. Al-Tallaq


Non-sinusoidal signal, power calculation, harmonics, interharmonics,Hilbert transform.


This article presents a Hilbert transform-based approach of power components definition in non-sinusoidal power systems. Instanta- neous phasors of current and voltage, apparent power, and power factor are also defined. The proposed Hilbert transform-based method is applicable to sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal, single-phase systems as well as balanced and unbalanced three-phase systems. The method is also applicable in the presence of interharmonics. The properties and physical meanings of defined power-related quantities are discussed in detail. The presented method leads to the formulas used in the conventional RMS concept method. Study cases of power systems at different loads are examined to test the validity and practicability of the proposed approach.

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