Active Compensation in Distribution Systems Using STATCOM: Implementation and Modelling

A. Domijan Jr., J. Alamar, A. Montenegro, R. Blasco, and C. Álvarez


Power quality, Static Compensator (STATCOM), Active PowerFilter (APF), harmonics, Quality Control Centre (QCC)


This article discusses the performance of a Static Compensator (STATCOM) working as a reactive power compensator and a harmonic filtering and load-balancing device, in the framework of use of advanced power electronic devices to improve the quality of the power supply. Implementation issues are discussed by using the experience obtained in the development of a low-voltage 22 kW prototype, where the proposed control strategies, suitable for medium voltage, are presented. Moreover, a model of the built prototype has been developed and tested in MATLAB for future verification of additional and innovative control strategies. Simulated and field results of the proposed control strategies are compared.

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