A Distributed and Parallel Model for High-Performance Indexing of Database Content

M.A. Radaideh


Indexing tools, sequential indexing, distributed indexing, indexing time, indexing speedup


This article presents a high-performance model for indexing database content. The model involves retrieving database content and indexing it into searchable indexes within acceptable indexing time complexity. Indexing time is crucial to selecting from the available commercial indexing utilities. The main objective of this model is to speed up indexing by running several indexing agents simultaneously. Each agent retrieves and indexes a distinct block of the database content into a distinct searchable index. After all agents complete their indexing tasks, a merger script can collapse the distinct searchable indexes into one or more larger indexes depending on the business needs. A simple comparison of the indexing times of our model with the indexing time of the typical sequential indexing model indicates a speedup factor of up to 5.

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