Guided Google: A Meta Search Engine and its Implentation using the Google Distributed Web Services

C.H. Ding and R. Buyya


Web search engine, Google, cluster, Web services, meta-search engine, Guided Google


With the ubiquity of the Internet and Web, search engines have been sprouting like mushrooms after a rainfall. However, innovative search engines and guided search capabilities have started appearing only in recent years. For instance, Google, which is one of the popular search engines, supports Web services that allow external applications to issue Web search queries that are actually processed using Google’s commodity cluster computer made up of 15,000 PC nodes. The goals of these applications are to help ease and guide the searching efforts of novice Web users towards their desired objectives. A number of implementations of such services are emerging. This article proposes a guided meta-search engine called Guided Google that serves as an advanced interface to the actual search engine.

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