Web Cast Producer: A Simple Authoring Tool for the Automation of the Production of Video Lectures

S. Papadakis and T. Hadzilacos


Webcast, video lecture, Web-based education, streaming multimediatechnology


Digital learning materials do not yet play the central role that they could in the learning process. Content creation and production of e-learning material is a time-consuming and costly process. Questions have been raised about the time and effort required by instructors/authors to generate effective e-learning materials. This paper presents an open-source, easy-to-use authoring tool aimed at production of interactive video lectures (webcast). This tool has been designed and is being used at the Hellenic Open University in Greece. The Web Cast Producer (WCP) is a simple and effective tool for the amateur production of quality interactive video lectures (webcasts). The package contains all necessary programs and tools for generating rich-media educational material and activities with multirate streaming media for either offline (CD/DVD) or online (over the Web) delivery. This paper discusses the technical requirements from the perspectives of the learner and the provider, focusing on the concept of interactive webcasts. It also describes the future developments, practical experiments, and assessments of the Web Cast Producer application.

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