XML-based Open Electricity Market Information Exchange Network using Object-Oriented Methods

J.O. Dada and H.-D. Kochs


Competition in electricity market, object-oriented methods, information exchange network, universal modelling language, extensible mark-up language


The open electricity market requires a dramatic increase in the exchange of information between market participants. Exchange of information and data in the heterogeneous IT environment of market participants is very difficult due to different information, data, files, databases, and application or calculation models. In order to overcome this difficulty, the authors propose a concept for an object-oriented model of the information exchange network in open electricity markets using Internet technologies. This open electricity market information exchange network, which uses eXtensible Mark- up Language as its information exchange format between network nodes, is realized with object-oriented methods. The presented concept makes use of the Unified Modelling Language, and its suitability in real settings is studied using the German liberalized electricity market.

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