Software Engineering 2015

Software Engineering


2015  Issue
Dr. Albert M. K. Cheng
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Mahadevan Subramaniam and Parvathi Chundi

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Software Engineering is an interdisciplinary journal covering all areas of software engineering that apply to the engineering and computer technology communities. The scope of SE includes software engineering, systems requirements engineering, formal methods and design methods, practice and experience, software architecture, aspect and object orientation, reuse and re-engineering, testing, verification and validation techniques, software dependability and measurement, human systems engineering and human-computer interaction, knowledge engineering, expert and knowledge-based systems and intelligent agents, information systems engineering, software engineering in industry and commerce, software engineering technology transfer, management of software development, theoretical aspects of software development, and education and training.


Dr. Albert M. K. Cheng
University of Houston, USA
Department of Computer Science,
University of Houston, Houston,
TX 77204-3010, USA


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