Law and Technology    (LawTech 2007)

September 24 – 26, 2007
Berkeley, CA, USA
Editor(s): F. Galves
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Track Copyright and Negotiation FreeSubscription
587-011 Negotiation Program on Licensing Practice of Intellectual Property Right Management in Information Technology
H. Sasaki (Japan)
587-019 The DMCA Down Under: Antitrust Implications
S. Corones and D. Clapperton (Australia)
587-020 A Structured Approach to Negotiating Information Technology Outsourcing Agreements
S. Chandar and J. Zeleznikow (Australia)
587-028 Digital Fraud: A Market Regulation Approach to Digital Rights/Restrictions Management
S.K. Mehra (USA)
Track Privacy and Protection FreeSubscription
587-004 The Privacy Framework: Protecting Clickstream Data
R. Wong (UK) and D.B. Garrie (USA)
587-017 Legal Issues Related to Privacy and Anonymity in Mobile Objects Communications
G. Finocchiaro, E. Pelino, and A. Ricci (Italy)
587-025 Consumer Protection Compliance in Agent Negotiated Business to Consumer Transactions
S.R. Cross (UK)
Track Judicial Decision Support Systems FreeSubscription
587-021 Towards a Conceptual Framework for Digital Dossier Management in Criminal Proceedings
M. Apistola, M. Warnier, F. Brazier, and A. Oskamp (The Netherlands)
587-023 Decision Support for Criminal Sentencing and Plea Bargaining
G. Mackenzie, A. Vincent, and J. Zeleznikow (Australia)
587-027 Design and Implementation of a Forecasting Tool of Justice Chains
D. Moolenaar, S. Choenni, and F. Leeuw (The Netherlands)
587-031 Online Gambling – Reconciling New Technology and the International Consumer Interest
S. Marco and M. Doris (UK)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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What are Digital Object Identifers?

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The relevant topics for this conference include, but are not limited to: 1. Information Technology Law * Electronic Privacy and Civil Liberties o Electronic Communications Privacy Act o USA Patriot Act * Intellectual Property o Copyright + Status of Database Protection in the US and Elsewhere + Fair Use Issues o Patent + Software Patents + Patents on Genetic Material o Trademark + Future of the Domain Name Registry System + Cybersquatting o Software and Data Licensing + IP Limits on Contractual Terms / Clickwrap Contracts + Open Source Software + New Licensing Schemes for Music + Consumer Protection * Internet Regulation o First Amendment Issues and Content Regulation o ISP Liability o On-Line Price Discrimination o Taxation of Internet Commerce o Universal Access 2. Legal Informatics / Artificial Intelligence and Law * Legal Resources on the Internet * Online Dispute Resolution * Software Implementation of Legislation and Regulations o Sentencing Guidelines o Tax Preparation Systems * Legal Document Processing o Legal Ontologies and the Semantic Web o Legal Text Analysis + Text Retrieval + Text Summarization o Automated Legal Document Generation o Litigation Support Systems * Judicial Decision Support Systems * Negotiation and Argumentation Models and Systems 3. Interdisciplinary Topics * Information Security / Computer Crime o Computer Fraud and Abuse Act o Liability for Major Data Security Breaches o Controlling Spam and Spyware: Legal and Technical Solutions o Databases of Criminal Records, Fingerprints, DNA o Data Forensics * Content-based Filters for Restricting Web Site Access * Technology-Enabled Identity Verification o Use of Biometrics * Digital Rights Management: Frameworks and Implementation o Technological Barriers to Access + The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) * Health Care Information Systems o HIPPAA/Electronic Health Records * Electronic Commerce o Methods of Electronic Exchange / e-Money o Digital Signatures o Choice of Law / Choice of Forum Issues o Consumer Protection o Business-to-Business e-Commerce Automation.

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