Communications and Computer Security 2013

Communications and Computer Security


2013  Issue
Dr. Mohamed Hamza
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ISSN (Online): 1925-7880

ISSN (Hardcopy): 1925-7872

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Ahmed E. El-Din Khaled, Rabie A. Ramadan, and Magda B. Fayek

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Communications and Computer Security is an interdisciplinary journal covering all areas of security in communications and computer systems. With the rapidly growing necessity of digital communication, interaction, and networking, usually through Internet access and wireless networks, the role of security in information systems is becoming increasingly relevant. The scope of CCS includes anonymization, authentication protocols, biometric security, cryptanalysis, data encryption, cloud security, digital rights and identity management, Internet and on-line social networks security, malware and bots, mobile, ubiquitous, and wireless network security, medical and home-care systems security, risk communication, RFID, privacy and trust, public safety, communication networks, quantum cryptography, virtual machine, VoIP and multimedia security, watermarking, the web, the cloud, and eGovernment, eBusiness, and eCommerce security.

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