Renu Dalal, Manju Khari, Aakash Kumar, and Deepak K. Sharma

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Opportunistic networks (Oppnets), one simulator, delaytolerant networks, MANET, association rules


Opportunistic Networks (Oppnets) are the advancement of Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs), in which source and destination nodes are unable to communicate due to non-existence of route, and if the route exists, it is for very small amount of time. So far, the successful transmission of packets between nodes is a challenging task due to intermittent nature of nodes. Therefore, the biggest concern in these types of networks is to decide which neighbour node will be a reliable messenger or not for transmission of packet in the current scenario. So that, this paper presents a novel routing protocol called Association Rule-Based Routing Protocol (ARBRP) which selects the neighbour nodes as next hop node on the basis of some parameter values such as number of encounters with the end node, buffer space available, etc. For assessment of efficiency and reliability of the prospected protocol implementation results are correlated with other existing protocol. It is found that ARBRP performs superior in terms of number of message dropped, average hop count, average latency and overhead ratio with respect to the aforementioned protocols.

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