Automated Electromyography Analysis: Update

Jeffrey L. Sponsler and Charles Parker




BACKGROUND: Analysis and presentation of electromyography test results requires in-depth knowledge and is labor-intensive. The EMG and Nerve Conduction Analysis System (ENCAS) has been developed and is operational in a neurology clinic. METHODS: The system was coded in Common Lisp Object System and has knowledge stored in objects, methods, and a specification base. An EMG file is parsed, test objects created, analysis performed, interpretation rules applied, and results are stored via a Lisp/MYSQL interface into the clinic electronic medical record. RESULTS: The system is operational and in use daily. Analysis and storage takes one second (compared to 20 minute manual analysis). CONCLUSIONS: Analysis of EMG data can be encoded using methods and results stored into clinic EMR for rapid access and flexible reporting. The system is successful and improves office efficiency.

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