A stable hybrid force/vision control scheme for planar, torque-driven robotic manipulators

Carlos A Vidrios-Serrano, Isela Bonilla-Gutierrez, and Marco O Mendoza-Gutierrez


Control, Force, Robot Manipulator, Stability, Vision, Lyapunov


A hybrid control scheme is presented, which uses a direct force control algorithm mixed with an image-based, free of camera calibration, visual control algorithm; both with the same priority level. From the proposed control scheme two structures are derived; the first one is a linear proportional-derivative type controller and the second one is a nonlinear proportional-derivative structure, based on the hyperbolic tangent function (tanh); in both cases a Lyapunov's stability analysis is presented. Finally, some simulation results are included in order to demonstrate the good performance of the proposed control scheme.

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