Vegetation detection close to transmission lines using cloud data points from lidar in Brazil

Mauricio George Miguel jardini, José Antonio Jardini, Ferdinando Crispino, Augustinho Jose Menin Simões, Jose Mauricio Scovino de Souza, and Walber Lemos dos Santos


3D modeling, camera imaging, LiDAR, right-of-way; transmission lines, unmanned aerial vehicle, vegetation


Brazil has a big network of energy transmission. Most of the transmission lines are located far from the urban centers and in areas of difficult access. This makes inspection and maintenance more expensive and complex. In this sense, it is important to monitor and apply technological innovations in terms of equipment (sensors, cameras), telecommunication systems and vessels, which aim at reducing costs, reducing environmental impacts and increasing reliability. This work will investigate the use of 3D modeling of a training transmission line using RGB images and data from the LiDAR sensor [6]. Both sensors are coupled in an unmanned aerial vehicle. The main objective is the detection, with high precision, of the vegetation along the right-of-way.

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