A Simple and Energy Efficient Routing Algorithm for WSNs Based on Ladder Directional Diffusion

Tao Du, Shou-ning Qu, Liangjiang Zhu, and Zheng Hua


WSNs, ergy efficient routing, ladder directional diffusion


Nowadays, in the research of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), routing algorithm is one of the hottest ones. Well-designed routing algorithm can obviously deserve nodes’ energy, and then WSNs’ lifetime can be much prolonged. In this paper, some classical routing algorithms about energy efficiency are introduced at first. Based on the analysis of these researches, an energy aware routing algorithm named LDD is proposed by the means of ladder directional diffusion to improve WSNs’ energy efficiency. In LDD, sensor nodes’ residual energy is an important factor when choosing transmission route. To ensure energy information stored in node be accurate, a special structure of packet head is defined to dynamically obtain nodes’ residual energy information in transmission procedure, and a neighbor nodes’ list is designed in every node to store this node’s neighbor nodes residual energy information. Through LDD, the transmissions tasks can be distributed more balanced, and then energy consumed among all nodes is more reasonable. At last, the performance of LDD is compared with other three classical algorithms by simulating experiment, and the simulation results prove that LDD has obvious advantage in energy efficiency.

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