DNA Sequencing Puzzle Based DNA Cryptography Algorithm

Yunpeng Zhang, Dafang Zhang, Peng Sun, and Feng Guo


DNA Sequencing Puzzle, PCR, DNA Cryptography Algorithm


DNA encryption technology is the combination of biotechnology and cryptography. The advantage characteristics of DNA includes massive parallelism, mass storage capacity and low energy consumption which are appropriate to apply to the field of cryptography. The security of the DNA encryption system principally depends on the biological puzzles. The DNA encryption system will effectively prevent traditional attacks that are designed for the existing encryption technology. This paper present a DNA Cryptography algorithm. As the security basis of encryption system, the paper discusses the biological puzzle of isolating specific DNA sequences from the unknown DNA mixture to complete the DNA sequencing (DNA Sequencing Puzzle). The encryption process include the plaintext pretreatment, and the process of two steps encryption using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and synthesized primers. The decryption process introduced in this paper is the reverse process of the encryption process. In the end of the paper, we simulate the cryptography process and prove it is feasible for the experiment.

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