Performance Analysis on a Decoupled Maximum Likelihood Angle Estimator in an FM Based Passive Bistatic Radar

Geun-Ho Park, Dong-Gyu Kim, Ho Jae Kim, Jin-Oh Park, Won-Jin Lee, Jae-Heon Ko, Hyoung-Nam Kim, and Xianglan Jin


Decoupled maximum likelihood angle estimator, FM based bistatic radar


We analyze the performance of a decoupled maximum likelihood (DEML) angle estimator in an FM based passive bistatic radar. Under the assumption that the bistatic range, the Doppler frequency estimates, and the transmitted signal emitted from an illuminator are given, we analyze the sensitivity of the DEML estimator against the range and Doppler frequency errors from the analytic expressions and simulation results. As a result, the performance of the DEML estimator may be mainly degraded by the Doppler frequency errors and we derive a condition that the root-mean-square error of the DEML estimator diverges.

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